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Reflective Traffic Gloves

Retroreflective Traffic Gloves

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Day and Nite Reflective Traffic Gloves are essential for directing traffic, or conducting vehicle stops, to ensure that passing motorists see you.

Half-finger, black Polyester and Spandex gloves covered with retroreflective microprism material with cube-corner prisms, three times more efficient at reflecting light than glass bead systems. Retroreflective microprism material works in the rain and snow.

Retroreflective Traffic Gloves allow wearers to be seen by motorists at the critical viewing distances of 100-600 feet.

Hold palm outward to reveal the red "STOP" sign.

Use yellow-green markers on the outside of the hand to direct traffic onward.

Stretchable Polyester and Spandex fabric allows gloves to be worn alone or over any other gloves.

Retroreflective microprism material sewn on for durability.

Washable - $12.99 for the Pair !!

Sizing Chart - See Traffic Glove Page

Sizes: Medium, Large and XL

Color: Black

Ship Weight .5 pound

The Shipping Price for 1 to 9 Pair of Gloves is very similar.

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Traffic Gloves
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